Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Run Down of the Culinary Corner

So since I am such a foodie, and consider myself fairly well educated on the topic, I decided to study and blog on three various aspects of food.

I will post every Wednesday night on a new trend in the food industry. I will include details such as why the trend came about, what the product or ingredient is, details on the taste of the product, price details, health benefits or health precautions and availability of the product. I will also include photos of the ingredient or product.

The second portion of my blog will include restaurant reviews that will be posted every Friday or Saturday night. I will dine at a variety of restaurants in the surrounding area as well as a few a little farther away. In these reviews I will include photos of the restaurant, details regarding the menu, price range and service. This will hopefully help educate Lehigh students as well as promote local businesses.

The final part of the blog will be recipe reviews. Every Sunday night I will try a new recipe ranging from baked goods, to healthy and quick snacks, to dessert splurges. I will include video footage of the cooking process along with details on the taste of the dish, quality of the recipe, cooking time and ease of cooking the dish.

What I hope this blog does is inform Lehigh students of restaurants in the area, educate people on cooking techniques and illustrate to them how easy cooking is.

Get hungry and get excited!

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  1. Love the corner! Let's "do lunch" at the Orchid soon!