Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Industry Trend: Anti-Energy Drinks

Industry Trend: Anti-Energy Drinks

We are all familiar with the increasingly popular energy drinks on the market like Red Bull, Monster and Amp; however, there is a new trend beginning to reveal itself, the anti-energy drink. Many college students have starting taking melatonin pills to sleep better at night, sleep longer after pulling an all-nighter or just to knock them out after a long and stressful day. Beverage companies have picked up on this and created a drink that is said to “relax” and “chill you out.”

What It Is: There are a few different variations of the drink containing a variety of different natural ingredients. Some common ingredients include melatonin, kava, valerian root, rose hips and passionflower. These are all naturally occurring; however, the drinks are so new that there have not been substantial studies on the health effects or side effects of these beverages. The FDA has not approved melatonin because it is not recognized as "generally safe.".”
Some of the popular drinks are Drank, Slow Cow, Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda, Unwind and Malava Novocaine. Makers of these drinks guarantee consumers a relaxed feeling, much like the feeling after a beer or a mixed drink but without the impairments of being drunk. A more controversial versions of this form of drink is Canna Cola, marijuana infused soda. Although this beverage will only be sold in medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado and eventually California, the product has been met with criticism.
Critics of both Canna Cola as well as the other relaxation drinks say that the beverage too closely mimics the street drug concoction, "purple drank," a mixture of codeine cough medicine, Jolly Ranchers and Sprite. Many people say this will serve as a gateway drug for young high school or college students. Makers of these drinks have responded back by saying that anti-energy drinks are a safe alternative to drugs and alcohol use and abuse.

Who Might be Interested: Because significant health and nutrition studies have not yet been conducted, the only basis for who might be interested is strictly based on the relaxing effects of the colas. The product is being marketed to high school students and is being stocked near college campuses. Also, makers of these beverages are targeting business people who, after a long day of work or a stressful meeting, want “chill time.” Due to the stress-relieving affects the cola is said to have, I would say we all might be interested in that at least at some point!
In regard to Canna Cola, only those with permission/prescription to use medical marijuana are able to purchase the drink. It offers an alternative way to get the medicine you need.
Availability: Anti-energy drinks are available for purchase online mostly; however some stores like Walmart and small convenience stores have started carrying it.

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