Sunday, April 17, 2011

Industry Trend: Cupuacu Fruit

Industry Trend: Cupuacu Fruit

In the past ten years, we have seen society start to focus on  "super fruits." The marketing world has given this title to fruits high in antioxidants and rich in other important vitamins. In the past, fruits worthy of this title include pomegranates, blueberries, goji berries, cranberries and acai berries. More recently, the cupuacu fruit has emerged as one of the most antioxidant-filled fruits that exists in the world today and is the national fruit of Brazil.

What It Is: This fruit is grown on trees, 30 to 65 feet tall, in the rainforests of South America and belongs to the coca family. Most cupuacu fruit are around the size of a watermelon and are ripe during the period of January through April. During this time they are harvested, split open and the pulp is removed to make a variety of tasty products including juice, ice cream, smoothies, jam and even in beauty products like shampoo and conditioner.
Cupuacu fruit is very high in vitamins B1, B2, B3, fatty acids, and at least nine different antioxidants. Besides these qualities that deem it a super fruit, it also has a high calcium, selenium, flavanoid and  phytonutrient polyphenols content.

Who Might be Interested: Because of its super fruit qualities, cupuacu is primarily helpful in maintaining a properly functioning digestive system along with keeping up a strong immune system.

Also, the fruit seems to have a caffeine-like effect and provides a burst of energy although it contains zero caffeine and has no “downer” effect after it has worn off. This might interest those who do not like coffee but like the buzz that comes with it.
This fruit also helps to maintain healthy skin, reduces the signs of aging, lowers blood pressure and increases libido. The anitoxidants in the fruit help to neutralize the free radicals found in the body’s tissue therefore lowering blood pressure and helping to create healthy skin.

Availability: Because this is an international fruit and is fairly new to the U.S., it is easiest to order cupuacu fruit online on Amazon or other online stores.

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