Friday, April 22, 2011

Restaurant Review: Edge Restaurant

Name: Edge Restaurant
Location: 74 West Broad St.
Bethlehem, PA 18018
(610) 814-0100
Hours: Monday – Saturday 5 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Atmosphere: Edge is located on the first floor of an office building so for many people, this ruins the atmosphere right off the bat. If you look past the corporate entryway, a dimly lit, medium-sized restaurant will pleasantly surprise you. The restaurant is divided into the bar area, the lounge area and then the main dining room. The décor is very modern, sleek and geometric. The color scheme is composed mostly of tans and beiges along with a bold eggplant color. The restaurant has a variety of booths, flat top tables and even a room that can be separated from the main dining room by a curtain, perfect for larger parties. When the weather permits, outdoor seating is available on Edge’s side patio.


Service: There is nothing to complain about in terms of service at Edge. I have been here multiple times and every experience was a great one. Waiters and waitresses are very accommodating and also helpful when debating between a few dishes. The courses are properly spaced apart and you are neither rushed through your meal nor starved while waiting for your entrée. I recommend making reservations, even during the week because this place is usually packed. One issue that arises when dining with a big group of people is splitting the check, something they are unable to do so you and your party must do it manually. This process takes a very long time and can keep you waiting for 30 to 40 extra minutes.


Food:  Edge offers a large selection of appetizers and small plates as well as a fairly long list of entrees. Some of the appetizers include tuna tartar, crispy calamari, steamed mussels, cheese sampler, tarragon gnocchi and grilled flatbread. Small plates consist of crispy pork belly, sweet potato frites, roasted cauliflower and coconut-crusted tofu. Edge features a few salads like baby arugula and spinach salad, baby greens salad and endive and roasted beet salad. The entrée list has something for everyone and includes, among others, Campanelle pasta, coriander crusted tuna, jumbo lump crab cakes, Thai chicken curry, triple truffle house ground Black Angus burger and New Zealand rack of lamb. I highly suggest the tuna tartar, which can be prepared spicy or mild and includes crispy wontons to eat with the tuna. Also, the triple truffle burger is to die for. It is flavorful, juicy and tender and comes with parmesan truffle fries. During my most recent visit to Edge, I ordered the soup de jour, which was French onion soup. This was unlike any French onion soup I had ever had before. It had the texture of a bisque but without the loads of cream and, floating on top, there was a crostini with melted Brie. I was in heaven. Although I have never had dessert at Edge they offer quite a few, including Valrhona chocolate cake, warm apple strudel, warm banana bound cake, salted caramel chocolate tart, toasted coconut molasses tiramisu and house made sorbets and ice creams. You really can find something for everyone on this menu.

Score- 5

tuna tartar

Pricing: Because the prices are not listed on the menu online I cannot give specific numbers; however, Edge is definitely on the more expensive side. The other night I ordered a martini, the soup, a small salad and the tuna tartar appetizer and my bill rang in at $41. Most appetizers are around $7 or $8, salads are around the same and entrees range from $19 to close to $30 depending on what you chose. This is a place to save for a special occasion; but the food is absolutely worth the price!

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  1. Callie, great review!

    Don't forget that Tuesday is ladies' night at Edge - half-priced drinks for ladies 5.7- p.m.

    The happy hour menu is also half-priced every weeknight. I recommend the dim sum!

    The restaurant's patio will be open soon.

    And if you need to split checks, just let your server know when you first sit down.